Welcome to ProtaCal™ dedicated website!

   ProtaCal™ is a new solution from BioTools, Inc allowing scientists to determine structure from several spectroscopic techniques:   FT-IR, RAMAN / ROA, CD (Circular Dichroism).
   As peptide and protein based therapeutics have grown in importance, the need for fast and reliable Higher Order Structure (HOS) determination has grown as well. Spectroscopic techniques offer many advantages.  Most scientists now use CD or FTIR for secondary structure. Unfortunately, the structure calculation is often performed with different algorithms and databases for the two techniques resulting in significant errors and mismatch in the %helix / %sheet determinations.
   ProtaCal™ offers, for the first time, a unified approach!  Same databases.  Same algorithm.  By using the same algorithm and databases containing the same proteins, error is eliminated.  So, now you can TRUST your results. You can compare two techniques.
   Raman spectroscopy is a fairly new to the game of protein structure and it brings with it many advantages.  Raman can be measured for proteins with low concentration to very high (actually no limit), including ability to measure solids.  Raman provides information on both secondary and tertiary structure including information on aromatic amino acids and disulfide bonds. We invite you to try RAMAN / ROA spectroscopy for your protein.
   The website has two options: browse through the screen shots of the software OR submit your spectrum for analysis.